Purchase Crushing Online SNGs!

New Reduced pricing!

Crushing online Sit and Go’s is normally priced at $49.95 (The cost of a half of a single private lesson with Greg “zerosum79″).

But for a limited time, Crushing Online Sit and Go’s is on sale for a promotional price of $9.99! Included in this deal is the following:

  1. The latest up to date version of Crushing Online SNG’s in DRM free, printable pdf and ePub formats. (.mobi/Kindle coming soon and will be available to all current purchasers!)
  2. Access to five (5) “Focus Lesson” videos designed to give you a quick start with the most important COSNG concepts in a classroom format at www.crushingonlinesngs.com
  3. Access to three (3) complete interactive SNG Walkthrough’s at the Low, Low-Mid, and Mid Stakes at www.crushingonlinesngs.com
  4. Cutting edge materials including strategy sheets, complete push/fold charts, and a bankroll management spreadsheet for optimally growing your bankroll.
  5. Free updates as material is added to the Crushing Online SNG’s ebook so that you will always have the latest version.

Simply click on the buy it now link below and you will receive and instant download of the book. Then register for the website and follow the registration instructions to gain instant access to the videos.

$9.99 – Crushing Online SNG’s

Crushing Online SNG’s Deluxe Package with SNG Wizard!

Crushing online SNG’s relies heavily on SNG Wizard, the premiere SNG ICM analysis tool on the market.  Recently the creator of SNG Wiz saw my book and was floored by the information contained within it.  I rely on SNG Wiz for ICM analysis and the production of Pivot Points. Needless to say he was thrilled with my book, calling it the user manual that SNG Wizard had always needed. So for a limited time we are teaming up to bring you an even better deal.

For the price of only $109.99 you can now purchase Crushing Online SNG’s and a Full Lifetime license for SNG Wizard!  If you are just getting started with SNG’s but ready to make the investment in all of the necessary tools you will never find a better deal than this!  The license includes both SNG Wizard 1 and 2 depending on whether you want to follow along directly with the book or use the new improved SNG Wiz 2 features!

Simply click on the buy it now link below and you will receive and instant download of the book. Then register for the website and follow the registration instructions. SNG Wizard license will be sent directly from SNG Wizard usually within 24 hours.

$109.99 – Crushing Online SNG’s Deluxe Package with SNG Wizard 1 and 2

  • Posted on 20. September 2012
  • Written by zerosum79
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  1. hankwhite69 on January 10, 2013 at 10:44 am Reply

    Definately money well spent.Zerosum79 helps you understand (in an almost trance like soothing voice :) ) the “why’s,what’s,and when’s” of todays sit n go strategies.

    Anyone willing to put in the time will and should have the price of this package pay for itself in no time.

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