Why Crushing Online SNGs?

Three years ago when Collin Moshman suggested that I start coaching for Team Moshman, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the task. I had achieved a pretty firm understanding of how to play correct SNG strategy, but transferring that knowledge to a student seemed particularly daunting. Where to start?  What to focus on?

I told Collin that I would consider coaching, but first I needed to develop an approach that I felt comfortable would rapidly transfer what I knew into easily grasped and concrete concepts.  I had already developed many of the Pivot Points for use in my own play, but I wanted to flush out a complete system that would give students a comprehensive system capable of adapting to any common situation that they would face.  I spent long hours refining my strategy, building lessons, and working through hand histories with SNG Wizard to verify that the strategy was solid. Finally I was ready to unveil it to a select group of students.

The results with my students were dramatic and immediate. Within several weeks I was able to relay the major concepts necessary to go from a complete novice to a solid player capable of beating the low stakes.This 5-week package became known as my Boot Camp course.

As word spread, I was flooded with requests for my coaching, and I quickly became unable to accommodate all of the requests to take the Boot Camp course.  Although this was a good problem to have it was still a major problem.  How could I bring this information to more people while at the same time retaining the immediate feedback that a student gets from a one-on-one training course?

The result is Crushing Online Sit and Gos!

Contained within Crushing Online SNG’s is my entire system for learning how to use Pivot Points to jumpstart your game, and it is priced at less than the cost of a single one-on-one lesson with me.  The interactive lessons walking you through 3 complete SNG’s at different stakes ensure that you can test yourself on the concepts away from the table and get instant feedback on the ares that you may need to study more.

Crushing Online SNG’s is a manual that teaches you not only concepts behind solid decisions in a SNG. It also emphasizes learning how to make decisions in real-time, when the stress is high, because your money is on the line.  The Fundamental Theorem of Poker says you make money when you make less mistakes than your opponents. Crushing Online SNG’s will teach you how to minimize mistakes, with a fundamentally solid and adjustable strategy that can be tuned on the fly. Understanding how to adjust Pivot Points will teach you to overcome any situation you will face at the tables.

Crushing Online SNG’s is unlike any other poker training product on the market and it is my pleasure to finally be able to make this available!

- Greg “Zerosum79″ Jones (October 2012)

  • Posted on 20. September 2012
  • Written by zerosum79
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