Since Crushing Online SNG’s was released, the book was vetted with top SNG players and the reviews have been fantastic.


Pro Reviews:

“Well, to put it in perspective, most SNG coaches will charge $60-$120/hr for top level coaching. And there’s simply no way in a single hour that any coach can cover as much material (in this much depth) as Greg’s book. If you’re serious about improving, 9 buy ins is absolutely nothing. And by picking up only 1-2 tips, the product easily pays for itself.”

- abarone68: Well known Pokerstars SNG Pro (over $110K career earnings), who has also coached hundreds of students.


“A huge component of winning sit-and-go play is understanding player ranges. Yet most coaches, or coaching systems, simply tell you what software to use, or provide a couple of charts at best. Greg recognized that sit-and-go instruction was missing a great method for accurately learning ranges. The result was his method of pivot points, which alone is easily worth the price of this course.”

- Collin Moshman: Poker author and SNG strategy expert (from the book foreword)


Customer Feedback:

I am a beginner at Sit and Go’s, although I played 6-max cg for approximately 2 years. So I have read many poker books, but I think I can say that your book is the best what I have read in my entire poker carrier. It gives an easily attainable strategy to the beginner sng players and actually, your book covers almost every aspect of a sit and go. I think, I can say without any overstatement that your book is the absolute nuts for a beginner who wants to learn how to play properly a 9-10 man sng game. And finally, I am really glad right now because I bought your book. It was definitely a great investment for me.

Best regards,
Norbert Pataki

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  • Posted on 23. September 2012
  • Written by zerosum79
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