Question 1: How Long is Crushing Online SNG’s?
Answer 1: Crushing Online SNG’s is currently 238 pages formatted for a normal sized poker book. The book is now close to its final form but future revisions may increase the page count slightly.

Question 2: Will future updated versions be made available for free?
Answer 2: Yes, purchasing this version will give you rights to free upgrades as the book is updated at no additional charge.

Question 3: How is Crushing Online SNG’s different from “Sit and Go Strategy” by Collin Moshman?
Answer 3: “Sit and Go Strategy” is in my opinion one of the best books written on SNG’s and was one of my most important resources when learning SNG’s. However, Crushing Online SNG’s is simply different than any other poker book on the market. Crushing Online SNG’s is a training tool and instruction manual, explaining the mechanics of how to beat SNG’s. The book, strategy sheets and videos are meant to mimic direct 1-on-1 private coaching and will teach you many of the short cuts I have learned that can accelerate a student’s learning process.  Although Crushing Online SNG’s is a stand alone product and contains everything a beginner would need to learn SNG’s, the material contained in this book is based on the same fundamental principles of SNG Strategy.

Question 4: Can I print Crushing Online SNG’s ebook and strategy sheets?
Answer 4: Yes, printing is now an active feature in the new DRM free book.  If you have a copy where printing is disabled, you can contact me to get a printable version. The strategy sheets are also printable.

Question 5: What is delivered immediately when I order?
Answer 5: As soon as your order is processed you will be able to download the Crushing Online SNG’s ebook and strategy sheets. To view the videos you will have to register for this website. Then send me an email.  You will need to provide me with your purchase email address and the site that your purchased from. Upon receiving this email I will activate your access to the videos as soon as possible (usually within 24hrs).

Question 6: How long are the Crushing Online SNG’s Videos?
Answer 6: The 5 Focus Lesson classroom videos are each about an hour long. The Final Exam walk-throughs are each approximately 30 minutes long and will take between 40 and 60 minutes to complete, depending on how thorough you are about answering the questions. Overall there is approximately about 7-8h of recorded material that comes with the book.

Question 7: What software do I need to view the Ebook?
Answer 7: All you should need is a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free). Please also make sure you update your Adobe Flash player (free) to the latest version to ensure that the videos play correctly in your web-browser.

Question 8: Will the book run on any operating system or tablet?
Answer 8: In moving to a DRM free product, your book should now work on any system that can run Acrobat Reader or other .pdf reading software.

Question 9: Is there still a money back guarantee?
Answer 9: Yes. I will be continuing the 7 day unconditional money back guarantee.  Any necessity for a refund outside of that time period will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Question 10: I lost my password.  Can you send it to me?
Answer 10: There should be a password zipped into your download files.  However if you lost it, simply email me with your purchase date, email address used to purchase, and site that you purchased from and I will send you your new password as soon as possible.

  • Posted on 23. September 2012
  • Written by zerosum79
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