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Its been a long time coming but a print version of the COSNG text is now available on Amazon.com and other Amazon sites. In the next week or two it will also be available at professionalpoker.com.

For some reason it doesn’t yet come up easily on the search function so if you type in the full name “crushing online sit and gos” it will pop up. The price will effectively be the same as here (when you include shipping) but Amazon is wacky and I really can’t control when they change the price.

I am pretty excited about this because lets face it, some people love print books and other people will never buy them now that they have e-readers.  Now we have both options available which the I think is very cool.

A few notes about the print version:  The print version comes with all the same video and tool access.  However the print version does not come with .pdf, or soon to be available .epub and .mobi (kindle) files. Only people who have access to the ebook version will be able to get the full color e-reader compatible files.

I think this provides equal incentive for buying the ebook and the print version.  I hope now everyone will have a format that they can love for the future.  If for some reason this now rubs you the wrong way (you got the ebook but are upset that the print version was not available when you purchased) email me and its possible we can work something out.

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  • Posted on 2. February 2014
  • Written by zerosum79
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