Well its been almost a year since I first published Crushing Online SNG’s. It’s been quite a success, although the growing pains have been there. It is my hope that you have received not only a quality product and consider the investment you have made, money well spent.

Crushing Online SNG’s is now entering a new phase of existence, and in the coming months I will be unveiling some new and exciting things for you guys and gals, adding more value to the investment you have already made.

The first thing you will be seeing is a bunch more videos that will be free to people who purchased Crushing Online SNG’s! Unfortunately, they will not be in the format of the current videos. The interactive videos simply took too much time and effort to produce to make them an effective use of my time. I would estimate at a minimum they took 50h to produce each video. In the time that it took to produce just one video, I think I can provide you with a lot more information.

So, my plan is to roll out a set of videos I call “Virtual Coaching.” These videos will be a HH review of 9 player SNG’s focusing on the key concepts that I teach in my coaching, exactly like I teach them. Each will walk through the low, mid, bubble, and endgame topics with hand histories focusing on the concepts that I would focus on with a beginning player. If you have been working with the book and are looking for more information about the thought process necessary to implement the concepts with specific hands, in specific spots, this will be a major boost to the book information.

So as the videos are released, I will provide announcements about each video’s release as they are added to the COSNG video library. It is my sincere pleasure to bring more value to the book that is already becoming recognized as one of the premier resources for learning how to profitably play SNG’s in this new tougher poker environment. Consider this a major “Thank You” to all of you early adopters that took a risk on COSNG.

Best Regards,
Greg “Zerosum79″ Jones

  • Posted on 26. December 2012
  • Written by zerosum79
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