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Although a lot of how I got started in SNG’s is described in the forward to Crushing Online SNG’s, I am a firm believer that you should investigate fully the credentials of any instructor or coach. My poker Resume is as follows:

  • Personally coached by Collin Moshman in multiple SNG formats: 9 man, 18man, MTT SNG, Hyperturbo formats
  • Personally coached by Cog Dissonance in HU and HU hypertubo SNG’s
  • Played SNG’s for Team Moshman as a stakee
  • Was tapped to coach for Team Moshman based on my results and grasp of SNG Strategy
  • 3.5 years coaching one-on-one with over 100 students.
  • 2.5 Years as SNG Coach at Drag The Bar.
  • 1.5 Years writing SNG Strategy articles for WPT Magazine

Crushing Online SNG’s is the distillation of everything I have learned about SNG’s and how to teach new players to beat SNG’s.  When I started coaching I offered a 5 lesson bootcamp package that I personally witnessed turn complete beginners into winning players. All of the information in that package plus much more is contained in Crushing Online SNG’s!

  • Posted on 20. September 2012
  • Written by zerosum79
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